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linoleum flooring Wrexham

Linoleum Flooring Wrexham

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Tired of living with stained carpets or scuffed wooden flooring? Need to spruce up your home by giving the floor a make-over? Linoleum Flooring Wrexham offers a durable and affordable flooring alternative to suit both practical and aesthetic requirements. Need to chat with the professionals but not sure where to start? We can help. Let us put you in touch with the best linoleum flooring professionals at a price to suit your budget.

What is Linoleum?

Linoleum - usually abbreviated to 'lino' - is a floor covering typically made from renewable materials such as pine resin, linseed oil, wood flour, ground cork dust, and calcium carbonate. Pigments can be added to these materials to produce a variety of colours and patterns. Linoleum is durable and very flexible, suitable for use in areas where more rigid materials such as tiles would simply crack. Linoleum is biodegradable and considered a 'green' product.

Benefits of Linoleum Flooring

Today, vinyl has replaced linoleum, but there are still numerous benefits to installing linoleum. Linoleum flooring Wrexham provides a versatile and affordable flooring solution.

  • Linoleum flooring is made of organic materials and is thus considered hypoallergenic, especially suited to homes and offices of allergy sufferers.
  • Linoleum is easy to clean and resistant to stains. It is also naturally anti-bacterial.
  • This flooring is highly resistant to abrasion and impact damage, ideal for homes with pets and children.
  • Linoleum flooring is also used extensively in the dancing community as an alternative to cardboard or wooden flooring as it is slick and durable.
  • This type of flooring comes in a variety of colours and patterns to suit the aesthetics of any room be it corporate or industrial
  • Lino flooring is cheap to install and requires limited maintenance.
  • 'Battleship Linoleum' is produced in a thicker gauge and specifically designed for use in high traffic areas.
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Lino Installation Process

Wrexham linoleum flooring should only be installed by certified professionals. This ensures the quality of your floor and could improve the value of your home. The installation process involves an initial survey of the area. Once you have settled on the right style and colour to suit your practical and aesthetic needs, the flooring will be removed. Linoleum tiles or sheeting can then be secured in place and trimmed for a perfect fit.

Wrexham lino flooring costs

Don't DIY

Although you might save a few pennies, DIY flooring is not recommended. Laying Wrexham linoleum flooring requires precision measuring, trimming and careful fitting. Bubbles and overlaps could present a tripping hazard. Installing linoleum flooring is best left to the professionals, as an improperly installed floor might even reduce your home's property value.

Lino Floor Costs

Linoleum flooring Wrexham is cheap and long lasting. Linoleum typically costs between £5 and £20 per square metre depending on the design of the flooring. Certain patterns and styles may cost more. Additional coatings - such as those used to provide extra durability or non-slip surfaces for use in the bathroom - may increase the cost of the installation. The amount of labour involved in the installation will also affect the final cost.

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Your Wrexham linoleum flooring questions answered

Does it matter what type of floor lino is installed on?

Yes, linoleum should only be installed on concrete or wooden subfloors. Suitable underlay and damp-proofing is also recommended for installation.

How do I properly care for my linoleum once it is installed?

By sweeping it regularly and mopping it with water and mild detergent. Harsh chemicals should be avoided, as this can actually cause linoleum to deteriorate.

Should I hire a professional to install my linoleum flooring?

Linoleum can be tricky to place and should be sealed once it is in place to keep out moisture and dirt. When installed properly, a linoleum floor can last for over a decade. Without professional installation, you may start to see problems in less than a year.

How much does it cost to have linoleum flooring installed?

If you install your linoleum flooring yourself, you can usually complete the job for £5-20 per square metre. Hiring a professional contractor will cost slightly more, approximately £15-30 per square metre.

Is linoleum and vinyl flooring the same thing?

No, the two are actually quite different. Linoleum is produced from wood, linseed oil, and resin, while vinyl flooring is created from fibreglass, vinyl, and felt. Linoleum is therefore a more natural product that is also easier to care for.

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