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Draught Proofing Wrexham

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Is your home feeling a little too breezy? Is cold air pouring through cracked window sills? Concerned about the energy efficiency of your home? Draught proofing Wrexham not only reduces unwanted ventilation in your home, but could end up saving you money on monthly utility bills. Professional draught proofing doesn't have to cost a fortune. We can help you find the best draught proofing services at a price to suit your budget.

Why You Need Draught Proofing

All homes need good ventilation, even in winter. Controlled ventilation maintains the desired internal temperature of your home while providing fresh air. Draughts are uncontrolled, and therefore do not assist in reducing condensation and damp. Draught proofing is essential to maintain the energy efficiency of your home, which in turn helps you save money by reducing monthly utility bills. Draught proofing also reduces the risk of damp.

Draught Proofing Materials

Choosing the right Wrexham draught proofing materials is important, as different areas of your home may require specialised materials to ensure all openings have been properly sealed. All materials should be accredited by the British Standard Institution, which guarantees a 20-year lifespan if materials are properly installed and maintained.

  • Windows - self-adhesive foam and metal or plastic strips can be installed on windows that open to eliminate any gaps in the frame. For windows that don't open, a silicon sealant is strongly recommended.
  • Doors - draught proofing doors is vital for heat saving and energy efficiency. The keyhole, letterbox and gaps around the edges need to be sealed individually. This should only be done by professionals to ensure energy saving.
  • Chimneys and fireplaces - a chimney can be draught proofed using a cap over the chimney pot or by using an inflatable chimney balloon to block the opening.
  • Floorboards and skirting - various materials can be used to draught proof this area of the home. Flexible fillers, decorators caulk and mastic-type materials are preferable, as these are available in a variety of colours and can be used both inside and out.
  • Walls - cracks in walls should be filled with cement or hard-setting materials. It's best to consult a surveyor or builder to find out what caused the crack in the first place.
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Certified Wrexham Draught Proofing Professionals

To ensure the quality of draught proofing, professionals should be members of the DPAA ' Draught Proofing Advisory Association. This association makes sure that all specialists are properly trained, and that all draught proofing materials- be it for residential, commercial or industrial uses- meet the quality-control requirements. The DPAA can also assist with Public and Employer's Liability insurance.

The Cost of Draught Proofing

The cost of draught proofing Wrexham varies greatly and depends on a number of factors: the size of your home, the number of windows and doors requiring proofing, the materials required and the labour involved. A complete draught proofing refitting could cost around £3,000. Draught proofing of individual doors and windows can cost upwards of £100, and again depends on a number of factors. DIY draught proofing is strongly not recommended, as the improper use of insulation materials could pose bigger problems.

Tired of living with cold air pouring in under the door? Want to make your home more energy efficient? Professional Wrexham draught proofing might be your best option. Take a minute to fill in our online form describing your ventilation issue and we'll handle the rest. We guarantee to find you the best draught proofing services at the lowest prices, so get your free, no obligation quotes from us day.

Your Wrexham draught proofing questions answered

What sort of benefits does draught proofing offer?

There are several benefits of draught proofing, including dramatic energy savings. Draught proofing blocks gaps in your home where you could be losing heat or cooling during the different seasons.

What sorts of methods are employed?

There are several methods used when draught proofing a home, including closing cracks near or around doors, windows, pipes, floorboards, chimneys and fireplaces and more. Various tools are used, including foam insulation, window foam seal and more.

How much money can I save by draught proofing my home?

Draught proofing is a fairly inexpensive process that will pay for itself in just a couple of years. On average, a typical draught proofing process can save you between £50 and £75 annually.

Do I need to hire a professional to draught proof my home?

Not necessarily. Draught proofing is something that you can do yourself to an extent. The benefit of hiring a professional is that you can be sure that all potential draught locations are taken care of.

Where should Wrexham draught proofing be performed?

Draught proofing should be performed anywhere air loss occurs, such as around window and door openings. Some other areas where it might be needed include loft hatches, electrical sockets, the opening around pipes, and attics.

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